Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo with Tap Tempo - Dynamic Pedals

Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo with Tap Tempo

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Finally a Tremolo with all the bells and whistles! The Latitude Deluxe was designed for the player that wants a plethora of tremolo options underfoot. The Latitude Deluxe oers players the choice of sub-divisions: Quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted eighth notes, and triplets. Have a drummer that’s time keeping is a little o? The tap tempo control will regulate a player’s tempo on the y. With a choice of 3 waveforms (Bell, Peak, and Square) you can keep your tremolo classy or as nasty as you want. The Latitude utilizes digital technology to control a completely analog guitar signal path; bringing you the best of both worlds. With its tap tempo controls and multiple time divisions – the Latitude is easy to sync with whatever song you are playing.

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