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A transparent JHS Morning Glory V4 Overdrive pedal with two Morning Glory knobs.
A JHS The Bonsai Overdrive Distortion pedal with a tree on it.
A blue JHS Pedals Unicorn V2 Univibe / Vibrato, featuring a tap tempo function.
A black JHS distortion pedal with an image of a rat on it, aka the JHS PackRat.
An JHS Emperor V2 Chorus Vibrato, a purple pedal with a penguin on it.
A JHS Crayon Distortion Preamp Fuzz pedal with red buttons on it.
A vintage JHS Tidewater Tremolo pedal with a small footprint and blue buttons.
The JHS Whitey Tighty Compressor, a white pedal with two knobs on it, provides FET compression to blend in compression seamlessly.
The JHS Shamrock Pedal is a green JHS Clover Preamp EQ Equalizer with four knobs and EQ controls.
The JHS AT+ Andy Timmons Signature Overdrive pedal, known as the AT, is a red guitar pedal with four knobs.
A pedal with a JHS PG-14 Paul Gilbert Overdrive Distortion engine and a mid-frequency preamp.
The JHS Pedals Milkman is a clean boost pedal adorned in a sleek white finish, featuring eye-catching red buttons and knobs.
A 1990's JHS orange and purple distortion fuzz pedal with cheese on it, created by the well-known JHS pedal company.
An JHS Pulp N Peel V4 Compressor Preamp DI pedal with three knobs on it, offering blend-in and tone-shaping power.
A green guitar pedal with two knobs on it, featuring classic Big Muffs and the JHS Muffuletta Distortion Fuzz pedal by JHS.
A JHS Double Barrel V4 Overdrive guitar pedal with four tonal knobs.
An JHS Angry Charlie V3 Overdrive Distortion guitar pedal, designed as a high-gain pedal with four knobs, emulating the iconic sound of a British amp-in-a-box.
A JHS Legends of Fuzz Berkeley 1973 pedal with a black knob on it.

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