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Showing 1 - 24 of 29 products
An JHS Emperor V2 Chorus Vibrato, a purple pedal with a penguin on it.
Cly Smith's modular synthesizer includes an effects pedal called the Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal. With this innovative stompbox, Cly is able to create unique sounds and textures on his cymbals.
A vintage JHS Tidewater Tremolo pedal with a small footprint and blue buttons.
Eventide H9 Max Multi Effects Pedal is an effects pedal that offers a maximum reverb experience with its H9 Max functionality.
The Eventide Triceratops is an Eventide Tricerachorus Chorus Pedal with deep modulation.
Two different types of Warm Audio Mutation Phaser II pedals with vintage vibes and psychedelic tones.
A ZVEX Effects Vertical Instant Lo-Fi Junky pedal with an image of a gramophone.
The Spaceman Explorer Phaser is a black flagship fuzz pedal with a red light on it.
Supro 1307 Chorus PedalSupro 1307 Chorus Pedal
The Spaceman Meridian Time Modulator is an analog chorus pedal with a vintage character and a deep featureset.
The JHS Kodiak Tremolo pedal is shown on a white background, featuring wave patterns.
Supro 1310 Tremolo PedalSupro 1310 Tremolo Pedal
Supro 1309 Flanger PedalSupro 1309 Flanger Pedal
The Aguilar Octamizer Bass Octave Pedal is a black and red pedal with volume controls.
The Aguilar Grape Phaser is an analog phase shifting pedal with a purple and black design. The pedal offers adjustable modulation speed for versatile effects.
The Aguilar Chorusaurus Bass Chorus is a guitar effect pedal that offers tonal sculpting with its analog bucket-brigade technology.
A black and white Zvex Vexter Sonar Tremolo pedal with bats on it featuring advanced signal chopping capabilities, by ZVEX Effects.
Source Audio Mercury Flanger
This Warm Audio WA-JP Jet Phaser Pedal features two knobs and delivers phaser effects.
The Source Audio Lunar Phaser is a blue guitar pedal that offers three flavors of phase modulation.

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