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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
Description: The ZVEX Effects Vexter Fuzz Factory is known for its intermodulating oscillations and octave-like fuzz, producing radically fuzzy sounds.
The ZVEX Effects Vexter Fat Fuzz Factory pedal is showcased on a black background.
The ZVEX Effects Vertical Fuzz Factory is a versatile guitar effects pedal that offers a range of control over fuzzy sounds. The pedal features various knobs for adjusting parameters to achieve the desired tone.
Description: The ZVEX Effects Vexter Box of Rock pedal is displayed against a black background.
Zachary's favorite amp, a ZVEX Effects Vertical Box of Rock pedal, sits on a black background.
A ZVEX Effects Vertical Instant Lo-Fi Junky pedal with an image of a gramophone.
A ZVEX Effects Vertical 59 Sound guitar pedal, perfect for Fender Bassman or Marshall amps.
A black ZVEX Effects Vexter Fuzz Probe box, designed for strange fuzz guitar interactions and experimental noise.
A black and white Zvex Vexter Sonar Tremolo pedal with bats on it featuring advanced signal chopping capabilities, by ZVEX Effects.
The ZVEX Effects Loop Gate is a black audio gate pedal.

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