Vertex Steel String MKII

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Players like SRV, Eric Johnson, and John Mayer have been singing the praises of a rare 100-watt 6L6 Dumble Amp, the Steel String Singer, that achieved legendary status in the mid-1980s. And whether you're looking for a taste of Texas sweet tea or a return to Gravity, the Vertex Steel String Clean Drive MkII – now 33% slimmer and with an added trick up its sleeve – faithfully captures that “SSS” magic using an actual Dumble Steel String Singer #001. The Steel String MkII is dead-simple in its operation yet matchless in its rootsy mojo. With gain settings below 1:00, the Steel String Clean Drive MkII makes an incredibly versatile clean boost, with a Filter control to dial in how much of that D-style midrange shaping your instrument demands. Above 1:00, the Steel String Clean Drive MkII begins to sweeten your signal with vine-ripened drive characteristics matured in the California sun. Wide open, this pedal virtually breathes fire, with enough juicy gain to take you from Flavor Town well into Brown County.

Features include:

• Dumble SSS tone from a compact stompbox

• Based on model #001 of an original Dumble SSS amp

• 33% slimmer and lighter than the original Steel String

• New Jazz/Rock toggle thickens up cleans and tightens up drive tones

• Optional 9 to 18VDC operation (adapter not included)

• True Bypass

• Designed & Assembled in California

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