Vertex Ultra Phonix MKII Overdrive Pedal

Sale price$199.99


The Ultraphonix Special Overdrive MKII delivers the blooming midrange and screaming overdrive of the ultra-rare American boutique amplifiers that players have been coveting for decades. This overdrive emulates the the expansive midrange and strident cascading gain stages of the D*lightful amplifier this pedal is based on. When you turn it on, it will unleash your guitar's full-throated potential with an articulate attack and smooth sustain that's reminiscent of players like Robben Ford and Larry Carlton. If you're a tone chaser, the Ultraphonix MKII Specialized Overdrive pedal will help you achieve the D-style tone you've been dreaming of that doesn't require a mortgage to purchase!

Features include:

• Voiced alongside four Dumble™ ODS amps ranging from 19070s-1990s

• Quintessential D*style tone, note bloom & harmonic overtones

• 100% analog circuitry

• Mechanical “true bypass” switching

• 9VDC center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

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