Aguilar TLC Compressor V2

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The TLC Compressor is designed to give musicians the ability to control their dynamics in a flexible and musical way, making it an invaluable musical tool for both recording and live use. Our proprietary Trans Linear Control (TLC) circuit enables you to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, usually found only in expensive studio compressors. Using a wide range of attack times (10ms to 100ms), variable threshold (-30 to -10 dBu), and slope levels (2:1 to infinity), you’ll be able to dial in just the right sound. The TLC has a Full Spectrum Tilt EQ for Clean sound and a low distortion at <.2%. *Pedal powered by universal 9-volt power supply only. Not included.
Product Bullets
  • V2 features new look with artwork in the classic 'TLC Blue' on matte black finish
  • Threshold control: variable from -30 to -10 dBu
  • Slope control: variable from 2:1 to infinity
  • Attack control: variable from 10ms to 100ms
  • Level control for make-up gain
  • Ultra low distortion: (<0.2%)
  • Pedal powered by universal 9-volt power supply only. Not included.

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