Aguilar Agro V2 Bass Overdrive

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Capable of producing everything from warm, tube-like overdrive to full-on distortion, this pedal will give you the grind you need without sucking out your low end. The SATURATION control offers a tremendous range of distortion while the CONTOUR control allows you to dial in a scooped or a more aggressive, boosted midrange sound. The PRESENCE knob adds ‘attack’ to your sound, ensuring that your bass remains defined even with the most saturated settings. The output LEVEL control guarantees that you’ll be able to get the distortion you want at any volume level. *Pedal powered by universal 9-volt power supply only. Not included.
Product Bullets
  • V2 features new look with original art in the classic 'Agro Grey' on matte black finish
  • 'Saturation' controls how distorted your tone is, with a range from subtle tube-like to aggressive
  • 'Contour' controls your midrange, from scooped to bumped
  • Pedal powered by universal 9-volt power supply only. Not included.

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