CopperSound Broadway Treble Booster & Germanium Preamp Butterscotch CUSTOM BUILD

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Custom build for Dynamic Pedals

*'52 Butterscotch

*Black Guard

*Chrome Hardware




Your very own piece of 1952! Based on the iconic Rangemaster treble booster circuit. Broadway is an articulate and versatile germanium preamp and treble booster. Each position of the blade switch is EQ’d to match “neck”, “middle”, and “bridge” pickup positions, while its hand-tested Germanium transistors provide a wide spectrum of “Telecaster-esque” tones, generously boosted by the volume knob. Additionally, certain combinations of EQ and volume can yield dynamic germanium fuzz tones, despite remaining exceptionally subdued and touch sensitive.  As part of our Pickguard Series, choose from a variety of finishes, pickguards, knobs, and hardware, creating your very own custom preamp. Customize yours today!

More than just a treble booster

Broadway is equipped with our newly designed, SMART BYPASS switching system. This system is built around a relay-based, true bypass circuit. Much like traditional, mechanical true-bypass, the audio signal is routed directly between the input and output when the pedal is not engaged. Unlike traditional latching footswitches, our SMART BYPASS system uses a momentary footswitch and micro controller to allow the user the option of turning on the effect in a latching or momentary manner. A quick press of the footswitch activates the pedal as normal, while holding the footswitch activates momentary mode.

This feature makes for really fun momentary bursts. An internal DIP switch lets the user easily shut off the momentary feature. All units ship factory set with the DIP switch in the ON position. The SMART BYPASS system also features a unique fail-safe. If the pedal loses power, it will automatically revert to bypass mode regardless of the state it was in.

Customization is available for our Pickguard Series! Check out all the options in the link below. Email

  • Your germanium sonic sweetner!

    • Powerful germanium preamp & treble booster
    • Three-way blade switch to emulate the “neck, middle, and bridge” positions on a Telecaster
    • Customizable finish, pickguard, knob, hardware, and switch tip
    • Over 30db of gain to drive your amp into breakup territory
    • 9v operation
    • Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.
  • Specs

    • 9v:  2.1mm x 5.5mm Center Negative |9 v @ 30mA
    • In/Out: ¼” Instrument Cable
    • 4.7″ x 3.7″ x 2.3″ (including jacks and hardware)
    • Proprietary SMART BYPASS™ switching system

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