CopperSound Renegade Multi-Bias Fuzz

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Introducing our latest potent sonic disruptor, in a pint-sized package! Renegade is a simple, no frills fuzz pedal with a compact and straight-forward interface. A welcomed complement to our growing line of Mini Pedals. Derived originally from the classic Tone Bender MK1.5, Renegade strays off the standard path, in part due to its integrated bias control. This toggle switch allows the player to easily select between two different bias voltages. Therefore resulting in a classic, full bodied-fuzz tone in the “up” position, and a more modern and gated fuzz in the “down” position.

Multi-bias fuzz

A hallmark feature of this micro-sized pedal is its long sustain, and an “electric sizzle” as your signal fades. This is especially prominent in the “down” position. The single Master Volume knob has PLENTY of gain on tap, and powering Renegade at up to 18 volts can deliver even more headroom and clarity. The Germanium transistors found in the original Tone Bender circuit have been replaced for high-gain silicon transistors. Thus allowing for a more intense fuzz sound along with biasing stability. Each unit it biased to a very specific voltage before being tested and boxed up. Renegade features mechanical, true-bypass switching. As a result, the input is sent directly to the output in the off position.

Like most fuzz pedals, they can be picky about the impedance that comes before it. Results can vary when placed after a buffered pedal or something like our standalone Buffer. The best practice is to audition Renegade in a few locations in your signal chain. Find a place that best suites your style and make some noise!


  • Full-bodied, INTENSE fuzz pedal
  • Multiple bias modes
  • Miniature Form Factor
  • 9-18V operation
  • Mechanical true-bypass switching
  • 9-18V | 2.1mm x 5.5mm Center Negative | 5mA @ 9V, 10mA @ 18V
  • In/Out: ¼” Instrument Cable

When we began expanding our Mini Series line-up, we made sure to offer a versatile catalog. The idea for a compressor had been in the foreground of our conversations. Given the space confines of our mini enclosure, paired with the size of traditional through-hole components, we got creative when it came to designing circuits.

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