Pigtronix Star Eater Fuzz

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Star Eater is an all-analog, dual footswitch super-jumbo Fuzz with a footswitchable booster and variable filter stage, allowing players to easily sculpt a massive array of inspiring, unique fuzz tones. On the fuzz side, newly-available, precision-matched transistor pairs are utilized to ensure that each and every unit is perfectly dialed in to “the sweet spot” that can be so elusive to find in vintage pedals. A rocker switch provides your choice of Germanium or Silicon color. Downstream from the fuzz, a powerful booster stage drives the filter in the Star Eater. Scoop and Bump voicings for the filter can be selected via a rocker switch, drastically changing the frequency response of the Sweep control throughout its entire range. Built to last and designed to inspire, the Star Eater brings a unique approach and a new standard of performance to the world of boutique fuzz pedals. Runs on standard 9VDC.


Hunger: Determines the amount of gain in the fuzz.

Volume: Determines the output level of the fuzz.

Sweep: Sets the frequency response of the filter. Note: The Sweep knob is only active when the Contour footswitch has been turned on.

Voice: Selects between Silicon (Si) and Germanium (Ge) diode clipping in the fuzz circuit.

Contour: Changes the shape of the tone.


Inspired by the chunky chassis feel of the late 70s and early 80s, Star Eater was designed to offer a fun, tactile user experience and make it easy for players to fine tune their own signature fuzz tone.


Of the many beasts Marvin has encountered in the Pigtronix universe, none have been as gigantic or, frankly, as hairy as the Star Eater. Climb aboard and devour the cosmos.

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